We offer a range of qualifications, including Apprenticeships and Essential Skills Qualifications that are all highly recognised in work based learning. They enable an individual to learn whilst being employed, gain increased responsibilities and progress in their role.

We offer our Apprenticeship qualifications at various levels and choosing the appropriate level for you can depend on your previous qualifications or the stage you are at in your current job role.

There are three Apprenticeship levels:
Foundation Apprenticeship, Level 2 – can take 12 months to complete
Apprenticeship, Level 3 – can take 12-15 months to complete
Higher Apprenticeship, Level 4 and 5 – can take 15-18 months to complete

We will meet with you to discuss your requirements and ensure that you are achieving the best qualification to help you progress in something you already do. Let us support you to learn new skills and progress into further learning to go on and succeed.