Warehouse Cre8 Traineeship programme…

Warehouse Project

Wrexham itec are currently running the Warehouse Cre8 Traineeship programme in partnership with the Warehouse Project. This course is aimed at helping NEETs into the world of work by collaborating with young people to achieve their individual objectives. In response to Esther McVey’s comments in the Daily Mail yesterday that suggested all young people should be prepared to take entry-level jobs, Wrexham itec have made the following comment:

Young people need to be treated as individuals. A one-size-fits-all strategy will not empower jobseekers as they need to feel that someone is investing time, money and effort into them. The key is understanding that the transition into adulthood may not be as routine for everyone. These barriers that hold people back need to be addressed and cannot be tackled solely by employment in a high street coffee shop.

The Warehouse Cre8 Traineeship programme at Wrexham itec aims to build self-confidence, social skills and instil the importance of employability skills. We have found that this nurturing of NEETs, challenges negative thought processes and encourages young adults to contribute to society and achieve their goals.

Additionally, Welsh Government initiatives such as Jobs Growth Wales (JGW), Young Recruits and apprenticeships have seen a massive increase in opportunities. As of 10th December 2013, JGW created 10,231 job opportunities with 8,150 being filled across Wales. Wrexham itec’s involvement in the JGW contract alone has secured a diverse range of jobs including artisan chocolatier, senior sales executive and forge maker which suggests young people have a great deal of talent to offer the Welsh economy.

Warehouse Project